Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cherry Blossom Avenues

I chose the name "Cherry Blossom Avenues" for this blog because a street lined with cherry blossom trees is one of my most enduring happy childhood memories. As it happens I am starting this blog on my birthday - my 67th - and that is probably why this name springs to mind. Between the ages of 6 and 11 I lived with my mum and day and my sister in a quiet street which was lined on both sides with cherry blossom trees. These trees always came into bloom just in time for my birthday and walking along our road on my way home from school as the days counted down to my birthday always filled me with joy. Being a child, the blossom was the sign for me that my birthday was close by so I guess it took on a particular thrill as it would at that age. Nowadays cherry blossom just reminds me of my mum and dad, both gone now, and also of my childhood which was blessed with gentleness. As I was to find out a few years later, life could also be very painful and cruel and so I remember those years of tranquility with a deep sense of thanks and gratitude. Now in the later years of my life, I am blessed with a beautiful family, my husband, three children, three grandchildren, a son-in-law, my youngest son's partner and also a special circle of close friends. Particularly from the turmoil and distress of my first marriage, my children and I have come through and they still love me for which I am so grateful. I have found a kind and loving second husband and my three grandchildren are the sunshine of my life. So once again I feel I am walking through Cherry Blossom Avenues.

Round and round in a big circle.....

This new blog is to do with my own spiritual journey and so a separate blog to "Dancing Daisies" but I guess the two together will be a pretty good reflection of my life journey. Returning to my church last October had made the most huge difference to my life and has helped me deal with my anxiety issues so much. It has truly changed my life but I feel that the spiritual journey of my whole life required me to question, look beyond, travel other roads in order for me to come back to where I started but my return is with so much love and certainty and actually a sort of relief. I never strayed very far away from what I believed to be the truth but by wandering and searching, I have learned so much and I have realised without any doubts where my heart and soul need to reside. If you want to join me, it will be lovely to share with you.