Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Is that the sun I see shining?

A day of sunshine again they are few and far between this year in England I expect most of us feel our spirits lifting a bit. I know I do. I love the colder seasons and often say that summer is my least favourite. That is a bit unfair on summer really as I love to see the sunshine, see people smiling in its warmth and all the beauties of the natural world which can show themselves off to their best. It is the heat I don't like, the heat and the light intensity. Both give me headaches and I have always been that way. That's the only reason really. Having said that I love the winter for its own particular beauty but I think I say I love it also because I love being at home in the late afternoons when the evening draws in, I love candles and fires and drawing the curtains. I loved it when my children were small and I knew they were all safe at home with me. Nowadays I can't know that of course but I try to imagine they and my grandchildren are all safe and warm in their homes. Autumn is glorious to me and that is for her colours and the stirrings of the first chill of winter in the air and despite my grand old age now, I also love the thought that Christmas is coming once the autumn days are with us. Then of course, who cannot love spring. Even me, with my love of winter, feels my heart lift when I hear the birds singing and see the first shoots of spring flowers coming through. I love to see people's spirits lifting when they remind themselves winter is nearly over. Spring always heralds a new beginning and it is a time of hope for us all. But for today....the sun is shining here in England, at least in the bit where I live....and the sunlight is shining down on us all.


  1. Beautifully said. Is Spring always so late??? Our cherries were here and gone already, but I live in the fruitbasket of Canada.

  2. Hi Carol, how lovely of you to leave me a comment. Thank you so much. Mmm...I love the thought of living in a fruitbasket! :-) xx