Sunday, 3 July 2016

A sunny day ... what a nice change!

How lovely to be able to see the sun shining through today. I think this summer we need to make the most of every day when the sun manages to break through the clouds don't you? Whatever you are doing, I hope you are having a happy day. I must admit to being rather black, blue, scratched and grazed in places after my spectacular fall in the garden yesterday. I also have four or five vases of flowers around the flat too....the result of all those broken stems when I least they look very pretty. I am normally loathe to pick my flowers, having such a small garden, so perhaps there was a silver lining. Two of our grandchildren, Stanley and Rose, are coming later today and staying the night as they have an inset day at school tomorrow. So I have a lovely day ahead. I still have a headache from my fall though so I am going to take it a bit easy till they come. Anyway I found this lovely picture and quote below so I hope you like it. See you tomorrow. xx

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