Friday, 29 July 2016

A nice way to remind myself.....

Isn't this a lovely way to remind ourselves to live more peacefully and indeed to live in the moment. I still struggle with this although I am better than I was a couple of years ago. One thing that I find hard nowadays though is coming to terms with getting older. I laugh it off most of the time but in truth it does worry me. I am afraid of dying, even though I have a strong faith. My main fear centres around leaving my family behind but also I am honestly just afraid too of what happens when that day comes. Rather a gloomy post I know but oddly I wasn't even thinking about it until I started to write. So maybe the little picture that led me to writing at all is what I should fill my mind with instead. It inspires me to paint something along those lines. I am midway through a painting of a face which (as often happens) I know reflects my own image but yesterday I had started to surround it with huge flowers. This has resulted in the rather sad face becoming illuminated and the flowers are giving a whole different feel to the picture. I suspect the universe is telling me something, don't you?

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